One Wishlist.
Infinite Products.
Track anything you want to buy online, from any store worldwide. Meet GimmeThat, your universal shopping wishlist.

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The GimmeThat wishlist browser extension

That new phone.

When you want it one day, GimmeThat remembers it.

GimmeThat is a handy wishlist that stores all your favorite products, right in your web browser. Add anything you want from any store worldwide. Instantly access your wishlist with just one click, when you're ready to buy something.

Installing GimmeThat adds a button next to your browser's address bar

Add GimmeThat to Chrome

GimmeThat is a browser extension that creates a handy little button next to your browser’s address bar for easy access. Installation is a piece of cake. Just add it to Chrome using the button below - our quick tutorial will help you get started.

Add to Chrome - It's Free!
You can save your favorite products to your GimmeThat wishlist

Track Your Favorites From Any Store

We’ve connected with thousands of online stores worldwide so you can track your favorites. Simply click ‘Gimme That’ to save that fancy pair of shoes, new smartphone, or interesting book you’re hankering after but not quite ready to buy yet.

Your GimmeThat universal wishlist - immediately accessible with the click of a button

See your universal wishlist instantly

Just hit the GimmeThat button next to your browser's address bar. You’ll instantly see a list of your saved products and prices. Ready to buy something? Click on it and you’ll head straight to the product’s store page.

Connected to your favorite online stores across the world, like Target, Amazon, Gap and many more…

'Safe & private' badge

Safe & Private

Your wishlist is safe with us. Our securely-encrypted cloud servers make sure your favorites escape prying eyes!

'No ads' badge

Zero Ads

Ads when you’re already shopping...what could be more irritating? We take a hard line and say ‘no way, Jose’.

'100% free' badge

100% Free

We earn a small percentage from our e-commerce partners, meaning you keep your hard-earned money for your next purchase.

Never forget a favorite with GimmeThat.

Ready to create your universal shopping wishlist?

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